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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

2024 Staff 

Executive Staff

Principal: Donna Shevlin (Masters Spec. Ed; BA; Dip.Ed)

Deputy Principal: K -Yr 2 : Jodie Bland

Deputy Principal: Yr 3 & 4 : Matt Ryan

Deputy Principal: Yr 5 & 6: Jacqueline Crawford & Kiri Smith

Deputy Principal: Learning and Support : Rebekah Hankin

Assistant Principal Year 6: Nicholas Holmes & Kim Odefey

Assistant Principal Year 5: Craig Harris

Assistant Principal Year 4: Emily Clay

Assistant Principal Year 3: Mitchell Bradley

Assistant Principal Year 2: Stephanie Iles

Assistant Principal Year 1:  Karina Brightwell

Assistant Principal Kindergarten: Vanessa Seguna & Carolina Andrews

Assistant Principal Support: Nicola Papandrea


Early Stage One - Kindergarten

Bedford - Alex Toomey

Chevrolet - Dayna O'Loughlin

Fiat - Nadia Crompton

Geely - Skye Button

Genesis - Verity Williams

Kingswood - Michelle Skinner

McLaren - Kristina Cutler & Jennifer Dorman

Saturn - Lyndell Richardson & Jennifer Filo

Pontiac - Beth Cross

Stage One - Year 1&2

Acura - Sarah McKenzie

Citroen - Belinda Brown

Daewoo - Cassie Knight

Renault - Chelcie Noblett

Saleen - Alicia Hughes & Danielle Roberts

Skyline - Shannay Shrimpton

Bentley - Raeonie Sullivan

Mini - Jodie Nguyen

Porsche - Jollie Campbell

Rolls Royce - Carly Connor

Saab - Belinda Healy

Skoda - Maddison Woods

VW - Tania Barrs

Bugatti - James Clark

Stage Two - Year 3&4

Audi - Carly Lacey

Ferrari - Melissa Weir

Honda - Chris McLaren

Jeep - Tanisha Love

Land Rover -Vicky Leatherbarrow

Tesla - Shania Scullino

Hummer - Josh Gallagher

Lancia - Bianca Parker

Lexus - Michelle Carr

Mercedes - Helen Montague

Mustang - Amany Saleh & Stewart Hambly

Nissan - Taylor McDonald

Studebaker - Courtney Hart

Suzuki - Dan Elliott

Stage Three - Year 5&6

BMW - Cristy Treble
Holden - Patricia Romero
MG - Jonnie Economou
Mitsubishi - Laurie Scott & Skye Moffitt 
Monaro - April Duncan
Opel - Lee Attard
Toyota - Vanessa Caronna
5/6 Chrysler - Paula Galatoulas
5/6 - Mazda - Ty Kinsella 
Buick - Matt Beeby
Corvette - Dirga Ashar
Datsun - Nicholas Holmes & Rebecca Schlosser
Hyundai - Ben Taylor
Maserati - Rebecca Cooper


Alfa Romeo - Tammy Bons

Cadillac - Leanne Piper

Ford - Diane Anderson

Kia - Kylie Walsh

Lotus - Zoe Reindl & Nicola Papandrea

Shelby - Riley Moon

Subaru - Colleen Minihan

Specialist Teachers

School Counsellors- Jessica Yell

School Learning Support Officers

Jacquie Nelmes

Danielle Griffiths

Kylie Coughlan

Christine Jones

Melissa Pascoe

Dean Rerekura

Sally Gierdien

Daniel Olivos

Tiffany Valentino

Natalie Hannigan

Cathy Scullino


School Administration Staff

Donna Bradley- Business Manager

Donna Sheehan- School Administration Manager

Renata Owens- School Administration Officer

Danielle Whittle - School Administration Officer

Nicole Valente - School Administration Officer 

Cherie Clugston - School Administration Officer

Amanda Philps - School Administration Officer

Stacy Hellyer - School Administration Officer